Top Questions We Hear From Patients

How has covid-19 affected Hours and Availability?

Our hours have NOT changed but we have reduce our appointment volume to EMERGENCIES and LIMITED APPOINTMENTS ONLY.  Please call and make an appointment at (805) 562-1300 or (805) 983-2377

What is an emergency Appointment?

Something that would count as an emergency would be any; pain, swelling, oozing, floaters, flashes, and or any injuries to the eye. If you have questions, call us! 

Are you located in Costco?

Yes, we are! Call and make an appointment!

We are located in both the Goleta and Oxnard Costcos. 


Do I need an appointment?

Due to COVID-19, you will now need an appointment. 


Do you take my insurance?

We do not accept most major medical insurances and accept only a select few vision plans. If we do not accept your insurance we can provide you with an itemized receipt which you can submit to your insurance.


Do I need a Costco card?

No. We are an independent practice and provide service to all Costco members and non-Costco members. However, to purchase glasses or contact lenses with the optical department next door you must be a Costco member.


When can I do a walk-in?

Do to COVID-19, we are currently taking limited walk-ins. We are open for emergencies and have a limited number of appointments, but we request that you please call and make an appointment at (805) 562-1300, (805) 983-2377, or on this website.



How long is an exam?

Appointments vary based on each patient's vision needs. If no other testing is required by the doctor, most patients are in and out within a forty-five minute window.


Do you sell the glasses and contacts?

No. We only provide patients with an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Patients then can take the prescription next door to Costco optical if they are a member or any other optical store. 


I've never worn contacts before. Help?

Great we can get you ready for contact lenses! If you have never worn contact lenses before, you will need to book an appointment for a contact lens training with a staff member (this is a fairly inexpensive training). However, if after an hour a patient is still unable to properly put in / remove contact lenses in front of the trainer, they will not be able to leave with their contact lens prescription and must schedule another training for a later time.

You can also watch these great videos for help learning on our Contacts 101 page.